Holistic Therapies & Products for Physical and Emotional Wellbeing

Sarah Howard - When you hear Sarah makes her own scented oils as well as doing reflexology and energy therapies, it just makes so much sense. If you've ever met her you'll be able to imagine the amazing, nurturing energy that must transmit to those glorious little bottles. She ought to have flowers grow wherever she walks barefoot, too, that would honestly fit; you know? Just a lovely, skilled, practical, caring person.


The treatment rooms are a hidden gem. Just a stones throw from Tonbridge High Street in a residential location meaning that you are away from the noise and traffic. A short stroll from Tonbridge Rail station and the bus stops meaning that even if you don't drive you can get there. Sarah's treatment room is light and spacious and she provides wonderful reflexology and is clearly very knowledgeable in the subject. Sarah is also an aromatherapist and used a wonderful cream on my feet which she had blended herself. Unlike with some other therapists I was not pressured or badgered into booking a subsequent treatment but the treatment was so wonderful I've re-booked of my own accord. Whether you are looking for a one off treat or a regular course of reflexology I recommend Sarah at Therapeutic Aromas, based in the Treatment Rooms at Tonbridge. I also recommend Sarah's aromatherapy products - I was converted to her 'hayfever' treatment a few years ago and wish I had known about it years before - for me its far better than any over the counter and prescription medication, is non drowsy and smells lovely.


I have just seen my daughter who is usually suffering with a sore throat and very sore and runny eyes at this time of year. She has been using Breath of Fresh Air rollerball for the last month in preparation and hey presto she is feeling great . 

Thank you so much Sarah I'm looking forward to collecting air sprays over the weekend to help the grandchildren too x


Guardian Angel is an aromatherapy blend created by Sarah at Therapeutic Aromas. I always have to look the name up as in my mind I refer to it as 'heaven sent' as this is just what it is. If I was to describe the aroma as a fragrance I would ask you to imagine a mix of roses and fresh fruity scents, if I was to assimilate it to a texture I would suggest you imagine baby soft skin and as a sensation just imagine being swaddled in a warm fluffy blanket. It is the most wonderful fragrance you will not find anywhere else. Perfect for a gift for yourself or someone else.


Here are some lovely comments I have received from clients regarding the treatments and products they have had.

"I can highly recommend Sarah. She has vast knowledge of a range of techniques which are truly beneficial for all kinds of problems, both physical and emotional. I have been using her ‘Breath of Fresh Air’ product to help with rhinitis and it really does work! I now have several bottles dotted around the house for when I need them, (which is not very often now!). I also enjoyed a course of reflexology which I found deeply relaxing. If you are stressed this is the perfect antidote. I also found that it gave me positive energy and a sense of well-being generally. Finally, Sarah introduced me to EFT, which at first seems quite strange as it involves tapping different areas of your body! I found during the sessions that it helped reduce some of the pain I was experiencing in my back which I found quite surprising! Since learning this technique I experienced some emotional difficulties which I was struggling to deal with. As a last resort, I used the EFT and was amazed at how much it helped me! It has a very powerful and positive effect. Whether you believe it will work or not, it does!”



Had the most amazing EFT session with Sarah again this morning, it really helped me shift some deep rooted fears - I feel so much more calm and resourceful. I can highly recommend as over the last few months of seeing her, Sarah has helped me change the negative beliefs that have been holding me back in my life. I can now see so many more opportunities and have the confidence to take them forward. Couldn't ask for a more caring, skilled and compassionate person to assist me on my journey. xx